How to Teach Your Dog to Heel Walk

Dogs that don’t generate electricity or don’t walk properly have a very difficult time walking. In fact, it is not only difficult to walk a dog that is not walking properly, it can also be dangerous for the dog.

If he’s running into the street, chasing other dogs, squirrels, ice cream trucks, whatever he sees that catches his eye, all possibilities could be dangerous. Learning your dog about “heels” will provide both of you with a much better running experience.


If you follow formal training protocol, your dog should walk on your left side. However, if you don’t have a plan to turn your dog into a show dog, try to get your dog to behave well on both sides and walking with you will be successful.

The right attitude

If you are walking correctly, your dog’s head should be level with your thighs. Of course, if your dog is small it won’t reach your thighs, but the idea is still there. The head should be level with your thighs. He shouldn’t be in front of you or behind you, but right beside you. There must be a lot of relaxation in the harness.

Use the same command to set it up, but don’t use Heel. You will use it later. Try it here or line up or something. Reward him for following orders and standing by your side when you give orders.

Let’s go

Reward him after he teaches your team how to align properly. Once you’ve put them in the right order, it’s time to move on. Always start on the same leg and these feet should be on the same side as the dog.

Give the heel command when you take the first step and immediately reward your dog for staying in line. Take a few more steps and reward him again if he’s still in line.

Remember that he will not take it for granted at first, just as he will not take it for granted to stay in a straight line the entire time. Give your dog treats while he walks, as often as he is around you. You should always be slightly ahead of your dog, but not too much in front of him.

Every time you take your dog for a walk, think of it as just another opportunity to train it to walk properly. Make sure you always have plenty of stuff for her and reward her when she gets it right.

If he falls backwards, throws himself, pulls forward, or does anything else he shouldn’t, don’t scream or pull on the strap. Stop walking where you are and when your dog returns to focus, give the command “Line up,” bring him back where he should be, and start walking again on your heels.

It will take your dog some time to understand exactly what you are asking for, but with a little patience and the right kind of positive reinforcement, your dog will be comfortable with you in no time!

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