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Top 10 Symptoms In Dogs That You Should Never, Ever Ignore

When your dog starts behaving oddly or appears inexplicably “off” it’s difficult to know whether to wait-and-see approach or panic. This is particularly right when the symptoms are a feature of certain benign conditions as well as disorders that can be life-threatening. The following symptoms are classified as “Do Not Ignore“. They could or could […]

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Hello and welcome back to Dog World! In this article you will see 10 Things you may didn’t know about your dog, so please read the article till the end to know all of them, because some things are very important to make your dog’s life better. Heirs and heirs In the United States, approximately

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The most common skin disease in dogs is fleas. This is a type of flea that lives as an ectoparasite in dogs and cats. Flea lips usually stick to the dog’s skin and suck blood. If your dog has fleas, it is sure to annoy your furry pet. Dog fleas will also bite people and

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Water is an essential substance in everyday life. The food your pet eats can be changed to suit their tastes or a healthy diet, but water cannot be changed and removed from their eating habits. Drinking water is very important because, like other living organisms, it makes up a large part of the body. Like

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Study Finds That a Dog’s pulse Jumps when you Say “I Love You” To Them Have you told your dog lately that you simply love it? you’ll want to start out saying those three little words every chance you get. A recent study has proved what dog-lovers always suspected: dogs understand and physically react to

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When people develop a disease, a second opinion is usually obtained to confirm the accuracy of the test results and diagnosis. The same can be done with pets, the opinion of one veterinarian may not always be correct, and there is nothing wrong with seeking the opinion of another expert. Like doctors, veterinarians may have

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Of all the dog breeds in the world, one of the most popular is the Maltese breed. Its compact size makes it a popular pet for families. These dogs, which are native to the island of Malta, are said to have originated in southern Central Europe, which are descended from the Spitz dog breed. As

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A lot of cancer symptoms in dogs can be vague or could be linked to some other condition, but if you have any signs of the potential future warning signs of dog cancer, then you should talk to your doctor. 1. Cancer Signals in Dogs Thinking of our beloved pets being sick is alone frightening,

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