Top 10 Cancer Warning Signs in Your Dog

A lot of cancer symptoms in dogs can be vague or could be linked to some other condition, but if you have any signs of the potential future warning signs of dog cancer, then you should talk to your doctor.

Top 10 Cancer Warning Signs in Your Dog

1. Cancer Signals in Dogs

Thinking of our beloved pets being sick is alone frightening, let alone adding to the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer. Like in people, though, it’s best to notice the signs early on and get your dog in to see the vet quickly so that treatment can begin. Regardless of whether you’ve noticed a fatty tumor or think your dog’s spot is skin cancer, be sure to watch out for the following signals that might mean your dog has cancer.

2. Your Dog Keeps Collapsing

If your dog is falling for no obvious cause, it is time to go to the vet asap. The typical symptoms of cancer include falling over, becoming tired and lethargic, not wanting to meet people as they normally do, etc. For example, in big breed dogs unexpectedly falling down, can often mean they have a spleen tumor, despite being fine afterward.

3. Your Dog Keeps Coughing

Coughing doesn’t usually mean cancer has in your puppy. For eg, the little dog breeds sometimes cough due to a windpipe problem. If they just cough a few times, they certainly won’t be sick, but if they start coughing in a row for several days, you should certainly get your dog tested for potential cancer of the lung.

4. Your Dog Has Lost Weight

When a dog sheds weight it is a top cancer symptom. It may mean anything like a cancer-type gastrointestinal tumor. Cancer dogs lose weight even though they still have a regular appetite. If you think your dog has lost weight or all at once over time, make sure to take them to the vet asap.

5. Your Dog Has Mouth Changes

Signs of oral cancer may involve changes in the color of a sore, lump, strange smell, or gum, particularly in an older dog. Some of these dog cancer symptoms go on for a long time before they’re detected as many people don’t search their pet’s mouth. Vets recommend inspecting the dog’s mouth regularly but also cleaning their teeth daily.

It’s a smart idea to check and see if you see something different in their mouth or throat while your dog is chewing or even when he’s yawning. If you do, quickly send them to the Clinic.

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