Rough Collie and Smooth Collie, the Lassie Dog Breed!

Can you remember the show Lassie in the 1950s starring a lovely and brave dog? Lassie was always able to save members of her family from any trouble they met. But Lassie was more than just a caring puppy who came to the rescue when it was necessary. Lassie was the puppy who took the breed of Rough Collie to the spotlight. 

From herding dogs to family puppies these dogs have come a long way, But they’ve still got all their charm. Keep reading this article to learn more about this famous breed.

Meet the Best Family Dog!

The Rough Collie has now gained the distinction of being one of the finest family pets out there. We are faithful to their families and support them unconditionally. If you are trying to mess with someone in their family, particularly a boy, Collie ‘s going after you.
They are not an aggressive breed, but their bark can scare any intruder. These dogs give all their love and attention to their owners, and they hate to be alone.

Yet Collie’s puppies haven’t always been the number one family dog. In reality, herded goats, and their herding instinct is about the only memory they have of their history.

History of the Collies

Collies was originally trained to be herding dogs in the Highlands of Scotland. They were also brought and raised in the Scottish Lowlands and northern England over time.

It was their job to lead and herd sheep from the farmer ‘s land to the market to be sold. We had to be courageous and committed dogs to compete with the harsh conditions and to cope with the demanding task of guarding hundreds of sheep.

Of the Collies there are not many documents and pedigrees because there was no special need for growers and producers to document their history.

That’s why the root of their name is very unclear. Some historians have said that the English-Saxon word “Collie” comes from the English word “col” or “coll.” Other historians believe the name of the race comes from a black-faced Scottish sheep which were kept by Collies.

Yet the Lassie series wasn’t the only one to showcase the Rough Collies. Queen Victoria visited Scotland in 1860 and became in love with the herds. She returned to England and started the craze of the Collie. In the same year, in Birmingham, the first dog show in Collie, the visitors of this beautiful breed melted their ears.

The Collie Club of America was founded in the 19th century. But the Americans did not get to learn the breed until the 1940s. The film Lassie Come-Home made this Collie a lovely breed and led the people crazy.

These dog breeds are currently mainly family dogs and sometimes belong to the rescue community. They are fantastic mates who left behind their herding history.

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