The Fastest Way to Train Your Dog to Come When Called Anywhere!

The Fastest Way to Train Your Dog to Come When Called Anywhere!

There are many benefits to being a dog owner – including the ability to train them to learn new tricks! However, responsible dog owners want to prioritize other things before all the fun and play – and that should teach your dog how to remember.

From a safety point of view, it is very important to teach your dog to come to you when called. Of course, if you’re in a public place and you’re expecting a dangerous situation where your dog could be injured, you want a trick that will automatically get your dog to call you if need be.

Even so, achieving this can be a challenge for many dog ​​owners – especially if they don’t know the right strategy for getting their dog to learn fast.

Read on to find out how to best train them. In no time, you’ll have the confidence that you can call your dog and know that he will come back to you for sure – from anywhere!

Create An Environment For Success

When you train your dog to come on call, the first consideration is always to adapt to the environment so that your dog is safe and has the best possible success. Therefore, it is best to start exercising at home – a familiar, limited space that you have control over.

Once your success is achieved in a controlled environment, you can move to a new place that your dog is still familiar with and distract a little more from the challenge. Every time you succeed in a new place, go one level higher!

Make Learning A Fun Experience

For your dog to successfully train when called upon when called, it is always important to make the experience happy.

This means turning training sessions into play (which is much more motivating for your dog than regular training) and using a happy voice when calling your dog (he will be more responsive when he knows you are happy to come to you) and using treats instead of Avatars (because you will definitely want to. reward him for completing your command).

But what if your dog isn’t the type to be motivated by an energetic and enthusiastic approach? Then there’s no need to hold on to it anymore, and the best thing you can do is try a gentler, calmer approach that might be better for a dog that is protected by law.

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