Train your dog to take a hug

I admit – I like to hug a dog as much as the next person. Of the three Miller’s dogs, two like to be hugged (Kai Kelpy and Bonnie Scordidoudle), while Lucy Corgi shows her hug preferences through avoidance behavior, so I didn’t even try. If we don’t have at least one dog who likes hugs, I might have to teach one to at least tolerate them.

This process involves classical conditioning (giving the puppy a positive relationship with something he no longer has an opinion on) or a classical reaction (the dog has a new relationship with something that he already has with a negative opinion). In both cases, the process is similar, but it can be slower if you try to change the appearance, rather than just installing one that doesn’t already have it.

1_Sit next to your sitting dog, with a handful of tasty snacks in your hand farthest from your dog. (Assuming your dog is on the left, you have the item in your right hand. If you prefer the other side, just follow the instructions below.)
Dog trainer Pat Miller

2_Use your left hand to touch the top of the dog’s shoulder (wither). As soon as your hands touch it, you immediately provide high-quality treats with your right hand. Release both hands simultaneously.

3_Repeat the brief touch process after eating until you see that your dog is happy, and turn around to seek pleasure when you touch it. (Note: If you can’t make them happy with this step, don’t go any further. Now you have three choices: a) Seek help from the trainer for positive efforts to help you through the process. b) Agree to hug someone else instead of your dog; c) Try to adopt a second dog in your family that likes to be hugged.)

4_Gradually increase the amount of time you touch it. If the length of the touch, bait, rest increases, then refuel. Serve several times with increasing contact time.

5_Now touch your dog’s shoulder just above wilting and start feeding immediately. This will start moving your hands on his back, just as you will start hugging him.

6_Repeat this touch and touch withered, gradually increasing the length of time and repeating feeding because it seems satisfied with the process.

7_Slowly increase your approximate touch to the actual hug and make sure that you get a consistent positive answer every step before continuing.