People think dog training is about giving orders to dogs, usually using harsh punishment techniques. This is seen as a luxury for pet parents and is often mistaken for something so simple and easy that anyone can do it alone without professional help.

That mood still holds up to some extent, but more and more dog owners are starting to realize that finding the right trainer to help them and their pets can sometimes save lives, even if the dog training profession isn’t regulated. in the right direction and provide you with much-needed guidance.

Science has advanced and with it, the dog training profession has exploded, but not without controversy. Many traditional trainers who continue to promote outdated philosophies of domination and punishment see their livelihoods threatened by a growing army of enlightened positive trainers such as the global network of Victoria VSPDT dog trainers. As a result, dog owners face increasingly difficult choices when choosing the right dog trainer.

What’s less of a debate is that when you hire a qualified and genuinely positive trainer, all the money you spend on training is returned to you and your dog exponentially in terms of healthy relationships and home care.

The fact is, most dog owners have no formal training – positive or not. As dogs share their home and life more and more closely, it is more important than ever for any pet ​​to receive good training. This prevents thousands of dogs from being sent to shelters because of preventable behavioral problems. Investing time in teaching your dog will make life easier and this investment can save his life.

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