What Type Of Fruit Can Dogs Eat?

What types of fruit can you share with your dog and what fruit should you avoid giving your dog?

It’s summer here, which means there’s fresh fruit everywhere. While fruit is a delicious and (relatively) healthy sweet treat for humans, not all fruit is safe for dogs. To learn more about what kinds of fruit to share with your dog and what fruit your dog shouldn’t eat, we have Dr. Tina Wismer, Medical Director of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. (APCC).

Which fruit is good for dogs?

The safest fruits to share with dogs are apples, blueberries, watermelons, watermelons, and bananas as recommended by Dr. More wisely recommended.

Dogs are individuals with different preferences when it comes to treats. Therefore, you may need to try several of these fruits to find one that your dog will love. Dr. Wismer warns, “Some dogs like all kinds of fruit. others were not impressed. “”

Unfortunately, the fruit is not good for dogs to eat as most varieties are high in sugar, as Dr. Wismer explained. While fruits like pears and pineapples provide nutrition for dogs, Dr. Wiser, only accidentally give your dog fruit as a treat. In other words, it shouldn’t be an integral part of your dog’s diet

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