10 Scary Facts You Should absolutely Know About Pet Food

10. Facts About Pet food

Some shocking truths about dogs: Approximately 40% of dogs are found to be obese. In addition, 46% of all dogs (and 39% of all cats) died of cancer. There is more to worry about: There is an epidemic of kidney, heart, and liver diseases among our beloved dog companions. These are really terrible facts to learn, and it will make anyone who owns a dog feel paranoid about how to maintain the health of his beloved four-legged friend as much as possible. Pet food is a major factor affecting dog health.

Just like humans, dogs eat the same thing. If they eat a lot of junk food and processed food, they will inevitably pay for it through some form of pain in later life. In order to save your dog from this difficulty (and save yourself a lot of money in the form of a veterinary bill), it is necessary to understand the dog’s diet in order to learn more about the food in the diet later.

1. Commercially available pet food is equivalent to fast food.

We eat a lot of fast food in the form of French fries, tacos, burgers, and pizzas-if this is a large part of our diet, it will inevitably cause health problems for us. The same situation applies to dogs, especially since dogs and humans have been found to share approximately 75% of the same genetic makeup. This means that our nutritional needs are similar. When our dog’s diet is all processed food, you can expect the same health problems.

2. Fresh, homemade food is actually good for dogs.

If you have entered the marketing field of pet food manufacturers, or even bought from veterinarians and kind friends, you might think that packaged or canned dog food is best for dogs. In contrast, most of the food you cook at home with fresh and nutritious ingredients are much better for your dog. Fresh and natural human food will provide the nutrients your dog needs. Doing so will also save you a lot of money because you will no longer budget for overestimated processed dog food. You only need to understand the difference between the nutritional requirements of dogs and humans, and the fasting ingredients of dogs such as onions and wheat.

3. Your veterinarian’s recommendation is not always so outstanding.

Veterinarians may be well-intentioned, but pet food companies are also easy to waver when they promote food. Some veterinarians’ information on dog nutrition is out of date, or may not have conducted research or even experimentation on the best homemade dog food or original diet for dogs. Listen to their suggestions and be cautious about these factors that may affect their suggestions.

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