6 Tips To Be A Better Human For Your Dog

September is the beginning of responsible dog ownership month! Although of course, we all want to believe that we are responsible for adoptive parents, the truth is that we all make mistakes. After all, we are humans. Unfortunately, these errors often hinder your relationship with your best friends, or worse, put them in danger! Because we want to ensure the happiest and healthiest relationship between you and your pet, here are some tips to make you the best dog parent! In this article, you’ll see some helpful tips for becoming a good pet owner, so, please read it till the end .

1. Stay Up To Date On Vaccinations

This can easily become one of the most important parts of a responsible dog parent. Vaccines can protect your dog from a variety of environmental diseases, which are usually fatal to dogs. Make sure to check with your veterinarian to ensure that your dog has all the vaccinations needed, as vaccines may vary from state to state, and even from county to county. You can also discuss potency testing on dogs with your veterinarian to understand when a vaccine is really needed.

2. Dog Proof Your House

As with children, it is important to ensure that your dog does not enter anything that could harm them. This includes locking all chemicals and cleaning agents out of reach, keeping trash cans closed, and ensuring that all small items cannot be eaten or swallowed.

Depending on how curious you are about dogs, some dogs may be less willing to look for these items than others, but just in case, you can’t go wrong with caution. Usually, a lazy hunting dog will become curious enough to investigate and ingest what is sent to the vet.

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