5 Tips To Keep Your dog’s Feet Healthy

We tend to ignore our dog’s paws.

Cleaning our dog’s feet when they return from there trip is our daily routine

They walk barefoot (barefoot?) Every day on uneven terrain (roads, sidewalks, dirt, grass, sand, as you say), when they jump, their bandages take a beating and protect their joints.

Prevention is the key

Although accidents can occur, prevention contributes significantly to the safety of your dog’s paws.

Make sure:

  • Keep your dog’s feet hydrated always
  • Do not bring your dog in hot temperatures
  • Monitor the park and the places where you brought it
  • During your dog’s daily walk, be sure to look for something on the floor that can hurt him
  • Keep your nails short

5 tips for caring for your dog’s paw

With a little care and following these 5 tips, you need to protect your dog’s paw and move for a very long time.

Keep it moist:

One of the most important things you can do for dog paws is to moisten it.

We tried some balm and oil, but in the end, this is our favorite because it smells good and lasts long.

For foot moisturizers, a little more, you don’t want to make the soles of the feet too soft, because they are more prone to injury and need thick skin on their claws.

We also recommend that you use socks a few hours after application if you don’t want them to lick them and if you don’t want small oil stains on your feet anywhere in your home.

We have been using this foot balm for years and are 100% satisfied.

If you prefer to make it yourself, we can help you.

Our recipe for moisturizers at home:

If like us, you prefer to use your natural recipe to moisturize your dog’s feet, we would love to use this recipe:

  • 6, 1oz heat-resistant cans
  • small pot
  • 2 ounces of olive oil
  • 2 ounces of coconut oil
  • 1 ounce of shea butter (don’t replace it with cocoa butter, it’s poisonous to dogs)
  • 4 teaspoons beeswax

Melt all ingredients with low heat while stirring.

Pour the mixture into a can and let it cool until it hardens again. It will take between one and two years as long as you store it in a cool place.

Keep it clean:

If you are careful to keep your dog’s feet clean, you’re halfway there.

Wipe your dog’s claws with a damp cloth when he gets home and carefully examine the dirt between his fingers.

Then use a dry towel to keep it nice and dry.

Leave it trimmed:

You want to cut your nails.

We know that cutting your dog’s nails can be a horror movie. This is the only thing that makes us bite Dobby, but with 4 additional nails that can stick to anything, we cannot take risks.

We have developed a routine that allows you to cut your nails well without causing pain or stress.

One of us feeds him or even wet food (which he rarely gets) while the other is working on those annoying nails. He was suspicious, but the food trumpet was afraid.

The nail clippers you use are also important. We tried some that he hated and he couldn’t use them properly.

Then we did it and everything got better.

Keep it protected:

At some point, you have to go further.

Either because you live in an area that is too cold or too hot for your dog’s feet, or because your dog has very sensitive feet, he needs additional protection.

In our case, after exaggerating our dog’s balm paw and wet feet, proper foot protection (try saying three times !!) is needed to provide the extra violence that a dog needs. So you can walk around without getting hurt.

We use this special conditioner. Very easy to use and very small so you can carry it.

What it does is create a protective layer between the foot and surface and help heal wounds and tears with natural ingredients.

What should be done if an accident occurs?

If you see that the damage is not too large, looks clean, only a small area is affected, or does not have a lot of blood, there are some things you can do yourself.

You start cleaning with an antibacterial detergent and then want to wrap it in something.

You can use socks or boots for dogs. Keep it clean and dry, fortunately, the dog will recover quickly and will be recovered in no time.