What You Need to Know About Dog Fleas

The most common skin disease in dogs is fleas. This is a type of flea that lives as an ectoparasite in dogs and cats. Flea lips usually stick to the dog’s skin and suck blood. If your dog has fleas, it is sure to annoy your furry pet.

Dog fleas will also bite people and become very itchy. Female fleas can lay 4,000 eggs on a dog’s coat. It can only produce eggs after eating blood. Female eggs go through four phases of the life cycle, namely embryo, larva, pupa, and adult.

Signs that your dog has fleas

Dog fleas are very annoying to your furry pet. If your dog has fleas, here are some of the things you will look for:

-Your dog bites a lot.

You will find that your dog continues to bite because of the excitement of flea bites.

-There may be excessive scratching.

Due to the severe itching from the tick bite, your dog will scratch the area where the flea has been bitten.

-Uneven areas of hair loss and reddened skin.

Flea bites are especially annoying to your dog as they scratch their skin excessively without knowing they will get hurt. You will notice that some of the hair has been split open and the dog’s skin is showing.

-Red bumps on the skin.

You will usually see this on the dog’s groin, buttocks, and belly.

-Hot spots due to skin irritation.

Inflammation due to infection is already there. You will notice redness and moisture on your dog’s skin. It was very painful and itchy for them.

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