How To Train Your Puppy In Winter Season At Home

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Are you planning to adopt a dog in the winter? Can you accommodate a dog in winter? Want to know what adjustments are needed when training a puppy in winter?

Puppies cannot regulate their own body temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to place it under the incubator at birth. At two months they were allowed to take a shower, but with the help of warm water. After bathing, you should dry it immediately so you don’t catch a cold.

During winter, you need to make sure that your dog is kept indoors. Why is that? Very cold weather can traumatize your puppy. If exposed to strong winds for a long time, they can freeze to death. If a puppy is afraid of cold weather, how can you train him in winter?

The tools you will need to train your dog at home during winter

· Trash can
· The grass is wrong
· Bearing training
Pet cleaning solution
Spray it over the pan for one puff
· Collar or rope
· Dog food
Dog coat

Use dog commands to train your furry pet

Puppies should start training at 7 to 8 weeks of age. According to research after seven weeks, puppies are very easy to train. They are eager to learn new things because they can easily learn what you teach. If you are a pet owner, at the right time to train a puppy, you will be living proof of that.

Home training starts with teaching your dog commands. This is important because you will be using it to communicate with your dog. For each order you teach, select a replica and manual notification.

Set a schedule every day. At the same time, let your dog get used to it. Learn the dog’s commands, praise, and reward your dog after it follows it. If your dog memorizes the command, you can move on to the next dog command. Once you have successfully taught all the basic dog commands, it is time to start another puppy training.

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