Do Dogs Love Cats Or Not ?

introduction ( Cats and Dogs )

The phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” is no coincidence. Cats and dogs were seen as enemies from the start – from the debut of Looney Tunes, of course. The famous comic book Bird Tweety often turns things around on her cat chaser, Sylvester, who ends up being chased, persecuted by Bulldog Spike. Ask anyone you know what they think is the opposite of “dog” and most likely the answer is “cat.” We are conditioned to believe that a cat is a dog, what is under or above, but is that really so? Even Sylvester and Tweety ended up burying the ax. So the question is: can cats and dogs really get along?

Behavioral roots

In the wild, animals have a different order of hoeing. In general, food chains are sized, with the exception of odd animals, which can be small but surprisingly efficient, or large and blunt. From our perception of cats and dogs in the domestic sense, we might assume that dogs will always be the ones to hunt cats based solely on their size. Of course, we’ll forget that cats also come in all shapes and sizes in the wild, some as big as lions and tigers, as well as smaller but still very capable hunters such as panthers and cheetahs that can easily hunt many canine mammals. Unfortunately, dog behavior that is so natural is a red cloth to Taurus – or cats, if I have to say. When associated with wolves hunting in packs, dogs are much more social creatures than cats. They are naturally curious, love attention, and get excited easily. On the other hand, cats that prefer to work alone are often classified as distant and unsocial. However, take time to assess the situation before getting involved. Given the fact that dogs are fooled in the wild without a care for the world, with tails from nineteen to ten, cats are often seen as a threat.

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Then the cat runs away, which the dog considers a signal to chase, and before you know it, they both live up to their reputation as enemy foes. Of course, when we see a dog and a cat having a scandal, we immediately come to the conclusion that fights occur because one is a dog and the other is a cat, a social summary that is forced upon us through entertainment and literature. Becomes. We forget that dogs tend to fight with each other like cats. In social situations, like many people, animals want to assert their dominance over other people for various reasons. People usually don’t care who other people or other people are, where they come from, what they do, or whatever. Does it really matter for a dog to belong to any species of four-legged creatures? Probably not. The popular belief that dogs and cats automatically hate each other is simply the result of each other’s natural responses to each other’s behavior.

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