10 Explained Dog Habits& Behavior: Understand your Dog

Here are some answers to things I’ll bet have been keeping you up at night. Why does your dog do these? 10 behavior explained. dogs are friendly straightforward and, open and they don’t have that air of mystery that cats do, but dogs have their fair share of baffling behavior. It’s often hard for humans to understand canine social cues and body language. have you ever wondered why your beloved pet wants to chase its tail pump legs and sniff other dogs butts? You’re not alone this article will give you some insights into the life of your dog

Counting down from number 10

10 – Why Does My Dog Sniff Other Dogs Butts ?

Well! dogs are obviously completely different from people. Well! people perceive the world mostly through their eyes smell is a dog’s dominant sense think about this. You only see your dog sniffing another dog’s body but in fact, your pet is collecting detailed information about their new acquaintance’s dogs have anal glands that can give away much personal information: their gender and reproductive status how healthy they are and even what they had for breakfast the smell these glands emit is unique to each dog just like a human fingerprint dogs sense of smell.

Is 10,000 times better than a human’s so imagined how much information they can get from another dog’s rear end in the world of dogs sniffing bottoms. Is a socially accepted and approved way of saying hello the same action also answers a number of other questions where are you from? are you going to be my friend? who is that dude holding your leash? well, maybe not that one!!

9 – Why Does My Dog Walk In Circles Before Lying Down?

Have you ever had an unstoppable desire to tell your dog that it doesn’t matter how many times they walk in a circle before they finally lie down? Because their bed won’t become more comfortable. Well, your dog isn’t to blame for such behavior, this habit resides in their genes, scientists believe that this little ritual is leftover from when creatures that were half-wolf and the half-dog lived in the wilderness. before falling asleep they nestled by walking around to pat down grass leaves and small branches, and other debris to make a nice sleeping spot. However, if your dog circling seems prolonged or excessive, you should consult a vet. Although rare this may be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, if the dog keeps circling to the left he may just be a fan of NASCAR racing.

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