8 True Stories That Prove You Should Never Leave Guns Where Dogs Can Reach

Hi dear! Hope you are fine, Dog World wrote this article, it’s about true stories that prove you should never leave a weapon where dogs can reach. Hope you enjoy this article.

No matter where you stand in a gun control debate, we can all agree that there will never be a situation where a dog accidentally releases a gun.

Most responsible gun owners know this and will never safely lay down their weapons in an area where their beloved dog might hurt themselves or someone around them.

However, even responsible gun owners may make misjudgments or temporarily divert their attention, just like the situation in some real stories below.

If you have a gun in your home, or want to take your dog with you when hunting, please consider these accidents to remind you that when you are preparing to use the gun, especially when your dog is in use, you must not be distracted. .

Here are nine true stories that prove that you can never put a safe dog where the dog can reach.

1. The Pizza Guy

Ryan Brill, a pizza delivery man in Ohio, is placing an order at the residence of a man named Anthony Wulf.

When Wolf heard the knock on the door, he went to put the gun on the table. At that time, Wulf’s dog hit the door and somehow hit the gun to the floor. The weapon fired and hit Brill’s leg.

Fortunately, the casualties are not life-threatening. However, Brill went to the hospital and had to use crutches for three weeks.

Why, especially when you know that an excited dog will run around, why put on a seat belt gun to answer the pizza door? Why not kick the gun so high that there is no danger of the dog falling down?

Even with a little common sense, this kind of accident can be prevented.


2. Propped Up In The Wrong Place

Even trained gun owners with many years of experience sometimes forget the importance of basic gun safety, and the result can be fatal. This is the case in Russia. A 64-year-old experienced hunter Sergei Terekhov (Sergei Terekhov) has a gun license, is fully conscious and has made a fatal mistake.

When he was sitting next to the truck, he supported the gun on his knees. One of his hounds was very excited, jumped off the truck, accidentally pulled the trigger gun, and the latter shot Terekov in the abdomen. This is a fatal injury.

You should never aim a barrel full of guns at yourself or others, but especially when there is an excited dog nearby.

3. Trigger Pulls The Trigger

A hunter named Allie Carter in Indiana was out hunting with her dog, the dog named Trigger. She made a mistake, which was to put the 12-caliber laying bullet gun on the ground after the safety device was closed.

Trigger Chocolate Labrador chose that moment to step on the trigger, and the trigger made a pounding sound at Carter’s foot. Fortunately, Carter suffered only a minor foot injury.

Of course, if she hadn’t put the stuff full of weapons where the dog could step on, the whole accident could have been avoided.

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